Standard Cagliata
Cagliata is a fresh milk curd obtained through citric or lactic fermentation that is pressed and packaged. It is a superb ingredient, designed to allow manufacturers in “milk defecit” areas to produce their cheese at low cost, while also staying true their needs and traditions.

The main applications for Cagliata are pasta filata style cheese. However Cagliata is also suited to produce Akkawi, Halloumi and Kashkaval cheeses that are very popular in the Middle East.

We believe that we have achieved a high degree of specialization in Cagliata, which we have available in a number of variations:
  • Cagliata for Mozzarella
  • Cagliata for Scamorza
  • Cagliata for Provolone
  • Bufallo Cagliata
  • Vegetable Fat / Low Cholesterol Cagliata
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