A hard cheese made from processing cow’s milk that is known and used all around the world, either directly or as an ingredient in food manufacturing processes. Cheddar comes in the following variations:
  • Curd (0-3 weeks ageing)
  • Mild (3 months ageing)
  • Medium (5-6  months ageing)
  • Mature (9-12+ months ageing)
Mozzarella is produced using fresh milk and Italian methods of production. Starters and ingredients are mixed and stretched in a steam cooker to provide optimum colour, stretchability and functionality. It is manufactured according to HACCP standards and is provided in 20kg blocks.

Mozzarella has industrial, food service and retail applications. The 20KG block shape provides easy application into any production process. Mozzarella can be used for shredding, grating, cubes, etc.

Cheese developed specifically for grating applications in food manufacturing. Fontana Srl. can obtain different flavour intensities to suit the customer.

Gouda & Edam:
Hard and semi-hard cheeses available in Euro Block format in a number of variations.

A hard cheese with a pasta type appearance. Available in blocks of 60kg. On request, we can cut the product into more manageable 20kg blocks.

A pasta filata style cheese that originates from the areas surrounding the Black Sea. It is now popular in the Balkans, Turkey, and the Middle East.
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